12 Month Program

Classes Two days a Week:  

 Mondays and Thursdays 6-7 pm

 Wednesdays and Saturdays 6-7 pm


Guro Nicole Mae

Nikki  Mae is a First  generation Pilipinx American , born in Los Angeles Ca. And raised in the San Fernando Valley.

She has been Dedicated to empowering, and healing  youth  from underrepresented communities in via her passions for Dance theatre, martial arts and visual arts for various non profit organizations in Los Angeles County and Currently with Youth Policy Institute as a mentor and educator . 

Nikki Mae holds a B.A in World Arts and Cultures with an emphasis on Dance Performance from the University of California Los Angeles. Nikki Mae  is a mother, choreographer,  and practitioner of Philippine Indigenous music and dance .


Guro Alvin Catacutan

Guro Alvin Catacutan currently holds Black Belt Rank in Kali and Silat at the Inosanto Academy of Martial Arts.  He is an instructor certified to teach Kali,  Jun Fan Gung Fu & Jeet Kune Do under Maha Guro Dan Inosanto. 

Guro Alvin is on a mission to share the Filipino Martial Arts as a catalyst for those seeking personal transformation.  The wisdom of Ancestral Warrior Arts is accessed through what he calls the Kali Matrix.  It is a method of self discovery through movement and form. He seeks to teach others to find their place in the tribe and honor the Kulture that created this art.